Onalee Cardigans

    I'm very glad you have found your way to my site, and I hope it is your love of this breed that has brought you here. If not, maybe I could have the opportunity to change that. I fell in love with this breed as a young girl, and that love has only grown with time.
    I am asked all the time, as an all breed handler by profession, what my favorite breed is, and the answer is always an easy one: Cardigans
It is fairly simple to me, they are perfect. Smaller but sturdy. Kind and loving but with a streak of independence. Intelligent but ornery. Intune.. but not frantic nor anxious. Fierce but not aggressive. Beautiful, ancient, strong. Witty, and often described as 'Clowns' by those who know them best. Healthy. I could go on, but I'm afraid I will run out of space!
    SO, what is my job, what am I doing with these dogs? Why do I breed them? To put the answer simply, I have chosen to be a Preservation Breeder. For those curious, I will add more information going into great detail of the "Preservation Breeder" In the links and additional info pages.
    For now, just know that what that means for myself is a relentless study of the breed, their history, pedigrees, health, structure, temperament, everything that makes a Cardigan a Cardigan. (My priorities will always be health and temperament.) I study under only the best in our breed, to continue on with their works, people such as Paula O'Donnel at Telltail Cardigans, and Cathy Baker at Sunkissed. I also have a great working relationship with only the best Veterinarians I have access to. Keeping up on the health of a breed and a breeding program is no small job, and nobody can do it by themselves. I have been very lucky in that sense.
    This breed owns my heart, they are my world. They teach me everyday. They humble me. They send me into fits of pure joy. If given the opportunity, it is one of my goals in life to allow as many people I cross paths with to have the chance to experience this incredible breed. So please, if you have any questions for me, or would like to get to know this amazing breed, do not hesitate to contact me, (contact page) or find me at a Show.
Christina O. Mazepink





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