Mazepink Handling




Regular Class $90.00

Special $100.00

Specialty Show Regular Class $100.00

Specialty Show Best of Breed $125.00

National Specialty $250.00

Westminster Quote Available Upon Request

AKC Royal Canin $200.00




Best in Show $150.00

Group 1 $100.00

Group 2 $90.00

Group 3 $75.00

Group 4 $50.00



Board $10.00


Conditioning Higher Maintenance Coats ( Pekes, Afghans ect.) $15.00 extra per week


Expenses Show expenses will be divided equally between the each of dogs at each particular show or show weekend. Expenses can include

gasoline, parking, hotel, airfare, rental car and

miscellaneous dog expense for the handler and any assistants.


Pick Up – Drop Off Airport (Orlando, Tampa, Sanford) $50.00

Pick up dogs at clients house $0.30 per mile